Monday, April 2, 2012

Flushy, Trashy and Sinky

I had the opportunity to do a review on a natural cleaning product.The first is called flushy for your toilet bowel. You drop and pack in the water and wait for it to foam up in about 10 seconds, then you scrub the bowel.It did a really good job at cleaning the toilet with no harmful fumes or smell of bleach.After you flush the probiodics begin consuming odors, waste and toilet paper products and they keep working until your next weekly treatment.
Trashy is a spray that you use on your garbage cans in your house. It uses natural ingredients to get rid of the smell. I tried it in my kitchen garbage can and it did an excellent job with out the strong smell to cover up the order.This also works in diaper pails.
Sinky is for your kitchen sink. I tossed one in the drain and ran the hot water for 10 seconds then turned on the disposal. I could see it starting to foam up to start cleaning. The probiotics clean out grease, oders and food scraps. It made my sink smell good again. I highly recommend these natural cleaning products.

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